Go Farm University

Training Programs

An increasing number of individuals and families are thinking about starting to farm part-time, or converting from farming part-time to becoming a full-time farmer. 

Go Farm University
offers a variety of training program especially tailored for the customer:

1)  We offer online classes on farming topics.  These classes can be as part of a group session or individually set up to provide one-on-one instruction.

2)  We offer a limited number of Spring and Summer Internships that allow immersion into farming on a daily basis with hands on experience and instruction.

3)  We provide on farm consulting and assist in initial set up and establishment of family farms.

4)  We offer training to assist veterans and disabled veterans (see Military Veterans).

5)  We offer follow on refresher training and assistence in finding a farm, buying a farm, managing a farm, finding a mentor/sponsor and marketing.
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