Go Farm University

Managing Financial Risk

This is what this course will focus on:

Class Title:  Managing Your Farm’s Financial Risk
Class Book:  Lecture and Discussion Sessions
Class Periods:  1 ½ hour class periods conducted each week.
Class overview:  This is a class discussion lead by the Go Farm University staff on financial risk management for a sustainable farming business.  It will be interactive and aided by worksheets so the student can gain a full appreciation of the risk analysis process.  Key areas of leaning for this class are:

  • Define and Characterize Financial Risk.
  • Identify Sources of Financial Risk.
  • Note the Relationships Between Debt, Leverage, and Risk.
  • Determine Appropriate Debt and Leverage.
  • Manage Credit and Liquid Reserves.
  • Understand Risk Implications of Fixed Versus Variable Interest Rates.
  • Learn How to Structure the Repayment of Term Debt.
  • Understand the Relationship Between Land Lease Agreements and Risk

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