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Go Farm U has been involved in gaining rights for local farmers.  Here is a video of Glenn Holloway in Richmond, Virginia after the introduction of HB 1430 Right to Farm Act.


Cattle at all time low:

If this year's water table does not rise to meet the 2011 levels then we will see another year of cattle liquidations.  The good news is that this will keep the price of beef relatively stable.  However, this will result in low stock density for 2013 and cause a significant raise in the price of beef in 2014 as US stocks are low and imported beef with be much more expensive due to shipment costs.  The USA cattle men need to increase their herds but a continued climate change is hurting this need

Go Farm U Has Moved.

Go Farm U has moved to Deary, Idaho to set up its instructional arm on a 1000 acre farm.  This move allows for the expansion of the program and addition of other enterprises.  The farm already has two commercial size hoop houses on it and a bunk house that will enable interns to come spend the production season on the farm and hone their farming skills while under the discerning eyes and instruction of the Go Farm U faculty.   

Go Farm U wins the
SERCO-NA Heart Award

See nomination write up:

Pamela Holloway and her husband, Douglas have created an awe-inspiring program called “Go Farm U (University)” which teaches sustainable farming techniques and methods to beginning farmers so their farms will be socially acceptable, ecologically friendly and financially solvent.  They believe in experiential learning through a structured classroom environment followed by hands on application.

Go Farm U primarily markets to young farmers seeking entry into the food production process.  It relentlessly strives to educate the consumer on healthy food choices.  Go Farm U also believes that veterans deserve special treatment for their dedication to duty and selfless service.  As such, Go Farm U has developed a five phase program that helps not only wounded vets but veterans in general who would like to learn about farming and take advantage of the numerous farming opportunities available.

It is Go Farm U’s beliefs that through farming veterans have the opportunity to heal from their spiritual and/or physical wounds while engaging in an occupation that solidifies the entire support of the family structure.  Go Farm U fully believes and operates under the vision that healing our veterans
through farming will heal our communities and ultimately heal our nation. 

Go Farm U recently orchestrated and conducted a Wounded Warrior Reconnaissance tour to nationally renowned Polyface Farm in Swope, Virginia owned and operated by farmer and author Joel Salatin whose support for this program.

Following this visit numerous veterans have lined up to obtain the farming education this organizations offers.  One recent Go Farm U educated and trained USMC Major has even gotten so proficient at his farming skills that he fully runs Snow Hollow Farm for the owners when they have required business trips.  He is also currently looking for his own farm with the intention of fulfilling his lifelong dream,  all made possible by the dedication and devotion of the Go Farm U instructors. 

Because Go Farm U has a reputation for commitment to the veteran’s overall welfare, the Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing has asked them to be the primary instructors for disabled veterans that the committee enrolls in their training centers.  Go Farm U works tirelessly in support of their vision for beginning farmers, consumers and veterans and is truly worthy of the Heart Award.


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