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Go Farm University (Go Farm U) supports the teaching of holistic, healthy farm management practices. We maintain close ties with national and international farming methods and concerns, yet operate independently.

Go Farm U is continually developing and evolving a variety of educational products, learning tools, and teaching curriculums – in concert with established educational entities, independent farmers, consumer advocacy organizations and entrepreneurs in successful sustainable farming practices that have been field tested for efficient, effective results.

Go Farm U works with ranches and hands-on field laboratories for the teaching and learning of natural sustainable farming skills and techniques.


Our mission is to teach sustainable farming techniques and methods so that farms will be socially acceptable, ecologically friendly and financially solvent.  We believe in experiencial learning through a structured classroom environment followed by hands on application.

Business Philosophy

It is our philosophy that the future of farming to maintain a healthy society rests in the adoption of sustainable farming practices as stewards of the earth and food production.

Go Farm University markets to young farmers seeking entry into the food production process, returning veterans, and healthy food consumers.

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