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Douglas Glenn Holloway

Mr Holloway is
retired US Army Officer and a leading consultant in strategic planning, marketing and business processes analysis for both national and international customers. He has over 30 years experience in both national and international strategic planning and as the former US Army Chief of Local Advertising has a strong background in local and national advertising methodology with proven results. He has taken intensive farming management practices from Joel Salatin, and studied herd management and grazing techniques taught by Greg Judy, Allan Nation and others.

Originally from the mountains of Idaho, Mr Holloway has farmed extensively as a means to finance his college education prior to joining the Armed Forces first as a US Marine during Vietnam and then later as an Army Officer. He possess what most would consider a broad, generalist education. He has served as a finance officer, surveyor, logger, construction worker, electronics technician, radio and TV producer, personnel manager, program manager, critical infrastructure specialist, local advertising chief, and farming educator. He still holds a Regular Army Commission and was knighted for his cavalry expertise in 1989.

Mr Holloway holds a Bachelor's Degree in Radio and Television Production and a Master's Degree in International Relations.

Pamela Ann Holloway.  

Mrs Holloway
is a former US Army Nurse and a leading consultant for SERCO - NA in support of the DoD Customer Services Management and Joint Medical Support Team. Mrs Holloway is a dynamic executive with over 15 years of achievements in providing a comprehensive view that maximizes customer acquisition, retention, and profitability. She possesses a stellar track record creating corporate strategy at the highest levels to drive a customer-centric culture throughout the organization. She displays proven corporate psychology, leadership and training strengths while consistently structuring processes that deliver optimum performance for her customers. As an avid proponent of continuous process improvement and quality management; Mrs Holloway has been repeatedly recognized for leadership, dedication, flexibility, integrity and her strong work ethic.

Mrs. Holloway comes from Washington State where she gained her initial education at WSU and became a Registered Nurse. She initially served in a neo-natal intensive care facility in Kentucky and then went on to Heidelberg, Germany to become the Head Nurse of Pediatrics for the Military Hospital there. Recognized for her knowledge and innovations, she was the keynote speaker in 1998 at the International Pediatrics Convention in Brussels, Belgium.
Her expertise in nutrician and healthy life styles resulted in her developing the Well-Being program for the US Army, the Pregnancy Physical Fitness Manual, and the Customer Management Services department of the US Army that oversaw 59 different agency processes at each Army post worldwide.

Mrs. Holloway possesses a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and a Master's Degree in International Relations and Business.

The rest of the educational team is still being assembled at this time. It will consist of leading national and international figures influencing our sustainable farming practices. This effort currently has the support of Joel Salatin (Polyface Farm), Pete Kennedy (Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund), Sally Fallon (Weston Price Foundation) and others as we strive to secure our farming future.
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