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Farm Financial Planning

Class Title:  Farm Financial Planning

Class Book:  Healthy Profits: Holistic Management®, Financial Planning Manual”

Class Periods:  1 ½ hour class periods with one conducted each week.

Class overview: This class is for those who care about the land or who want to be good land stewards, good financial management is a critical component of good land management. Whether you are a rancher or farmer or just want to improve the health of the land you are managing, financial considerations must be factored into your decisions for long term sustainability. Land managers who have practiced Holistic Management® Financial Planning have consistently earned more profit and improved their time management skills.  Key areas of leaning for this class are:

  • What to spend money on and when
  • How to plan for and produce a profit
  • How to select the best enterprises to run
  • How to meet your financial challenges effectively
  • If managing livestock, how to coordinate the buildup of both livestock and infrastructure while remaining profitable.
  • What financial planning adds to your management toolbox.


Class Fees: $250 plus books.






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