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Class Courses

Go Farm University offers a variety of specialized courses aimed at giving you the necessary information and techniques to become a successful sustainability focused, eco-friendly farmer.  We focus on eco-friendly techniques that not only provide premium products to your customers but through these practices heal the land and work hand in hand with nature.

We provide on-line classes and then as desired or required follow up with on site instruction as seen here being given by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm as he delivers one of his renoun disertations on the benefits of eco-friendly farming.

Please see our class list and let us know your desires to attend one or more of these classes.  Once you have contacted us with your information, we will set up a class date and provide all the necessary details to make your attendance and participation a positive memorable experience that will influence your farming desires and practices for the rest of your farming career.

Go Farm U has recently started a full package instructional class for new farmers.  This class costs $3000 and covers instruction, one-on-one with the student to develop their business plan which includes
the classes on Sustainable Farming Intro, Land Planning, Business Planning, Grazing Management, Poultry Production, Financial Planning,  Marketing and Ecological Monitoring.  If your interest are in operating a micro dairy then this class can be substituted for the Monitoring class.

Douglas Glenn Holloway
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